Dark Souls 2 new details revealed: Improved graphics, direct sequel, 25% complete

Dark Souls 2 was revealed at the VGAs but now we have a lot more new information on the game.

Miyazaki who was an instrumental figure behind Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls development, will not be working actively on Dark Souls 2, it has been revealed. He will, however, be a supervisor and give his inputs from time to time.

The reason for going with a server based online mode like Demon’s Souls is because of Miyazaki’s inputs. Dark Souls 2 was entirely peer-to-peer.

According to a 10 minute playthrough by Edge Magazine, the game is a huge step forward graphically. They say that it looks like a next-gen game, on par with Watch Dogs and Star Wars 1313.

The game is said to have an open world the same size of Dark Souls, but it will be dense and filled with more content. When you take into account the improved graphics, it really is a great achievement.

Earlier it was revealed that the game will be more accessible to newcomers, which kind of infuriated Dark Souls fans. However, it has been revealed that the covenant system and the story and in-game messaging will be less subtle. Meaning, you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

The development started in September 2011 and is 25% complete. They don’t believe it’s possible to release the game next year. They have also doubled their staff and this is one reason why everything looks to be significantly improved.

There’s no mention of poor performance that plagued the console versions of Dark Souls, and it looks like it could be improved as well, as it’s one of the vital things that players have been asking for. There will also be some sort of morality system in the game.

You can buy this month’s Edge Magazine to check out more information, and we will keep you updated once we get our hands on interesting information on the game.

Via NeoGAF.