Dark Souls 2 director Shibuya dispels fears of difficulty change, will cater to “existing players”

People were skeptical of Dark Souls 2 when the word ‘accessibility’ was being thrown around, but Dark Souls 2 director has revealed that there’s no need to worry about dumbed down difficulty.

Hidetaka Miyazaki won’t be taking on the director role this time for Dark Souls 2, and he even revealed that he was a bit “sad” about not being able to work on the game.

He also revealed that it was a company decision to bring in two new directors. Tomohiro Shibuya, who is the new director of Dark Souls 2 has confirmed in an interview with 4Gamer that they will be catering to the “existing players” who will probably be in the majority.

The interview is in Japanese but according the translated version, the site asked Shibuya about “how they are planning to adjust the difficulty in Dark Souls 2”, to which he replied, the game initially will be a little easy to accommodate some of the new players, but it will revert to the default difficulty like the previous two games.

“I’m sure we will get new players with Dark Souls 2, but existing players will probably represent the majority, so we need to make sure we can satisfy their needs,” he said. “We plan on making the early parts of the game less difficult to accommodate new players, and then at a certain point, we’ll tell them ‘this is where the real game begins.'”

He also revealed that the volume of content in the game won’t be significantly greater than the previous games, but they are working to enhance the overall experience by creating elaborate scenes and situations.

They also confirmed that the game runs on a brand new engine this time around.

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