Dark Souls 2 aiming for photorealism: VGA trailer not in-game, game engine changed

From Software’s Miyazaki who was the director for the first two Souls games will be a supervisor for Dark Souls 2, and we have some new information on the game.

In a recent interview, it was mentioned that the game will be more accessible; now whenever people hear that word, alarm bells start ringing because it’s a hint that they have made the game more casual market-oriented. Miyazaki has also confirmed that there won’t be any paid weapon/storage because the previous games already had a bottomless box.

The engine has been tweaked and is aimed at providing more proficient graphics–they say it is aiming for photorealism. It has also bee revealed that the VGA trailer was not in-game, but the final graphical quality will resemble that.

The game is said to have an open world the same size of Dark Souls, but it will be dense and filled with more content. When you take into account the improved graphics, it really is a great achievement. It was also revealed that the game is 25% complete and is going to be a direct sequel.

Here’s the detailed report from Japanese blog remoon:

  • [Miyazaki] is acting as a supervisor for Dark Souls 2. Setting the general course for development, will fix said course if development goes offtrack.
  • Doesn’t want to lock up Dark Souls within his own narrow framework. Believes Dark Souls has a lot of potential and wants to leave things to the discretion of Shibuya (the director for DS2) as much as possible.
  • VGA trailer wasn’t in-game.
  • Shares worldview with Dark Souls, but the story won’t directly link to Dark Souls? Set in a different time period, as well.
  • If Dark Souls is the north pole, then Dark Souls 2 is the south pole.
  • Keyword is: time.
  • Game engine has been changed, aiming for photo-realism. Will improve movement (guessing controls?), as well.
  • Investigating having players directly get involved with one another (not sure what this is implying).

Sounds bad, doesn’t it? But did the Souls games ever put graphics ahead of gameplay? Tell us below.