Dan Greenwalt explains the lack of certain features in Forza 5, comments on GT

Forza Motorsport 5 will not be a hardcore racing simulation and the Turn 10 have no intention of creating a game like that, according to studio boss Dan Greenawalt.

forza motorsport 5 screenshot

In a recent interview, he was asked why the game doesn’t contain “simulated pit stops, tire wear, fuel consumption, damage repairs, flag system, pace car, live tree for drag racing” and more; to which he replied that they do have those features in some form.

In what could be a subtle dig at Polyphony Digital, he said: “You know, it’s one of those things where we’d like to have every good idea there is, but we have to draw lines too, otherwise we might take 5 years to produce the next version.

“If you’re asking will we ever make a hardcore simulation racer, the answer is no.  If you’re asking will we try to attract more people to racing by blending gaming with racing, the answer is yes.”

The lack of details has been countered by cutting edge graphics and physics, he said. He also praised the “power of the cloud” and revealed that it will make a lot of difference to the game.

“We feel that the true source of Forza entertainment comes from its overall execution and the emotional connection derived from its unparalleled immersive content,” he said.

“I feel that any details that are allegedly missing are far outweighed by our cutting edge graphics and physics. But it’s not just these critical aspects; it’s also (in the case of FM5) the new power of the Cloud that places us on an entirely new plateau beyond anything anyone has out there. So, I think we can be forgiven if we don’t have every feature under the sun.”

Recently it was revealed that the game doesn’t have weather or night racing. It may have been disappointing for some fans to hear that but the game looks great.

The game will be released later this year on the Xbox One and is a launch title for the system.

  • jamie

    Im sorry but Graphics and Physics ARE expected with Next Gen not a privilege. To say you sacrificed many features for something that is expected is BS.