Crytek Explains why Ryse is a QTE-focused “Combat” game

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Ryse: Son of Rome’s combat has been a talking point ever since the game was announced for Microsoft’s next-gen console, Xbox One. It is mainly due to the fact that the combat seems so simplistic and QTE-focused, which is not what majority of people prefer in their games.

However, there’s a reason why Crytek has gone with a system like that instead of creating a normal combat system that is highly dependent on your skills like, say, Devil May Cry.

“It’s because Marius is a fighter. We wanted to tell the story of a soldier and a substantial proportion of that is fighting. I don’t like the term hack and slash – our game is a combat game,” Crytek president Cevat Yerli told CVG in an interview.

“We are definitely as accessible as any other combat game – but hack and slash is, for me, more like fantasy monsters. Combat games are usually between humans and other humans.”

Yerli also added that the combat system complements the game’s story which contains emotional elements.

“We chose a combat game because it added punch to the emotional journey we already had. And, also combat again, is an opportunity for us to put to put our standpoint and say ‘ this is how we, Crytek, would do combat and how we would portray it, cut it, do the performance capture, etc, etc’. I think we found a style that could be interesting for the future to build on top.”

The game is a launch title for the Xbox One and will be released on November 22nd when the system comes out in select countries. Crytek had earlier released more information on the combat system by the way of an informative video.

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