Crysis 3 is truly a next-gen game: Screenshot blowout

Crytek has released some new screenshots and artwork for Crysis 3.

These screenshots look amazing and are most likely captured on a PC. The game runs on CryEngine 3 and these screenshots show some improvement in graphics over Crysis 2.

The game isn’t as open world as Crysis 1 but Crytek have mentioned that the game is a mix of open world and linear levels and they are vastly improved over the previous game.

There is a multiplayer beta is is currently underway on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, and it’s not surprising that the PC version looks the best. Crysis 3 will feature an urban rainforest and it’s the first time in a videogame we’ve seen such a setting. They seem to have nailed the look based on these screenshots.

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  • Nino

    People really need to stop judging games based on graphics alone…

    • Eik Corell

      Ever since Crysis 1, they’ve been slaughtering the gameplay, so that’ll be easy.

    • Coffeinum

      If they were, everyone would play PC.