Crackdown 3 Shows The Power of The Cloud is Real, New GDC Slides

Crackdown 3 when it was announced by Microsoft was supposed to be the crown jewel that showcases the power of the cloud. The phrase has become a meme of sorts now because hardly any game uses it and Microsoft used to brag about it a lot when the Xbox One was revealed.

During GDC it was revealed that the cloud does benefit Crackdown 3 a lot and gamers will be surprised to know how much it makes the game better. The destruction is said to be off the scale compared to playing the game offline with no connection to Microsoft Azure servers.

We have a GDC slide showing the game running on an Azure cluster vs running on a local machine. By game we mean physics. The difference is staggering as shown in the image below.

The destruction is said to go beyond what a single machine can handle so it must be a truly great experience to play this connected to the cloud.

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