Corrinne Yu Joins Naughty Dog (Graphics Coding on PS4)

corrinne yu ms

Corrinne Yu had originally worked with Gearbox and on the NASA Rockwell project, and later joined Microsoft to work on Halo. She is now at Naughty Dog according to her Linkedln profile.

corrinne Yu

This is a fantastic hire for Naughty Dog as she is a talented programmer. She is also happy that she doesn’t have to use Windows 8 anymore and is loving graphics programming on the PS4.

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  • Ali

    I think she is hot

  • DNA

    if she is half as talented as she is cute then Naughty Dog hit a home run. Booyah!

  • Sik Beni

    Naughty Dog would have kicked ass without her but now the Xbone fanboys just got Xboned some more

  • FastEddeh

    Since I liked the look of the Halo franchise, loved borderlands graphics, can only be good thing I guess :D

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    interesting that W8 is actually more difficult than PS4 coding, as it seems so far. we’ll have to see if anyone else later on shares the same sentiment or conjures a good argument that explains the differences between the codings.

    • Jabjabs

      I’m guessing its more a case of developing on the Win 8 platform can be a little sterile, DX11 is so mature there isn’t much head room for major tinkering.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3


  • ImSofaKingGood

    I’m a PS fan but Halo is a cool series. lol Windows 8… Really looking forward to the new Uncharted and whatever else Naughty Dog’s working on!