“Connect” Trade Marketing Initiative announced by E-Xpress Interactive

connect e-xpress

E-Xpress have notified us that trade marketing initiative called “Connect” will be held to bridge a gap between the distributor and the retailers all over India. The first part will be held on September 3rd where retailers from the Northern region are expected to attend the event and get briefed by E-Xpress.

They will be notified about their latest games and considering games such as GTA 5 and Batman: Arkham Origins are set to release this year, it’s a good time to be a game retailer. Over 50 retailers are expected to attend the event.

Games from publishers such as “Square Enix, Warner Bros. Interactive Games, SEGA, TAKE2 Interactive, Bethesda, Namco Bandai and Ubisoft” are to be shown.

“Our annual event “INTERACT” is now a highly successful event where we have been able to bring the national retailers and the international publishers on one platform. To grow the gaming industry it is very important that we bring the retailers and the channel partners from the regional levels also into the main stream of gaming business,” CEO of E-Xpress Interactive, Anand Khemani, said.

“This “CONNECT” is essential to create a strong eco system around gaming industry and will take gaming to masses. This event is an another initiative from our side to connect and grow this industry.”

Their previous event called Interact was a huge success and here’s the full details from that. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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