“Connect” Initiative by E-xpress Interactive is a success

connect e-xpress

Earlier we reported that E-Xpress Interactive had announced a trade marketing initiative called “Connect”. The first phase was supposed to be on September 3rd and now the distributor has announced that the initiative has received a great response and is a success.

There were 40 retailers from the Northern region of India at the event and they showed great confidence in games like “Grand Theft Auto V, Batman Arkham Origins, Watch Dogs, WWE’2K 14, NBA 14 and Assassins Creed Black Flag.”

Watch_Dogs managed to impress everyone and they unanimously thought that it showed the most promise.

“This is why the events like Connect is so important. This will certainly get more and more awareness to the trade about the upcoming games and get them enthusiastic about games on new IPs in advance,” Amit Khemani, director of E-xpress, revealed.

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