Confirmed: Dragon Ball Super Will Be Back Soon, Details on Movie

We have great news for Dragon Ball Super fans who are upset that the show is ending in March. Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, has revealed that the show will be back after the movie.

The movie which will be released in Japan in December 2018 will feature elements that continues from the end of the Tournament of Power. It will essentially be a continuation from the TV show.

After the movie releases the TV show will be back but it isn’t clear if it will feature the same things from the movie like Battle of Gods or Ressurection F.

It is also called a Dragon Ball Super movie. The official name hasn’t been revealed yet, so it makes sense that the TV show that comes back after the movie will be called Dragon Ball Super. Here are the titles and description of the last few episodes.

Here are the full comments of Toriyama.

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