Complete Specs of PS4, Xbox One and Wii U in a Chart Format

We have a nice little chart which shows the specs of all the three next-gen consoles.

The PS4 was announced on February and Sony released its specs on the same day, so did Microsoft for the Xbox One. The Wii U’s specs are shrouded in mystery since Nintendo probably isn’t confident of sharing their specs due to humiliation from the other consoles, or something like that.

But the Wii U on paper seems to be better than the PS3 and Xbox 360, but who knows what its theoretical performance is. Many developers have expressed their displeasure of the console having a weak CPU.

Here’s a handy little chart compiled by IGN which shows all the specs. Guess which one looks powerful. Oh wait, no need, it is easily the PS4 due to the 8GB GDDR5 RAM.

Let us know your thoughts below.

ps4 xbox one wii u specs

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