CDPR: PS4 and Xbox One quite similar to PCs, Engine Switch “Easier”

the witcher 3 featured

CD Projekt RED has revealed some new details on the next-gen consoles in the latest issue of Gamesmaster. While it’s common knowledge that the next-gen platforms are more closer to the PC architecture than ever before, it’s nice to see a talented studio benefiting from it.

We’ve so far only heard from the platform holders about their pro developer policies, and it looks like it’s paying off finally. CDPR also mentioned that Sony and Microsoft were supporting them all the way.

“It’s been quite smooth. The guys are now compiling the game for the 64-bit version, and then we will run it on the consoles and see what we need to change,” The Witcher 3 game director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz revealed.

“We have Sony and Microsoft’s support all of the time and we are happy. I’m sure there will be some problems along the way, but what’s good is that these consoles are quite similar to PCs, and so it should be easier for our programmers to change the engine for these platforms.”

He also revealed that porting The Witcher 2 from PC to Xbox 360 wasn’t an easy task because the platform was quite old, but based on the final product we can say that they pulled it off well as the game is one of the best looking ones on the system.

The game has a consequence system as well. The next-gen version will be running at 30 fps but the developers said they are targeting 1080p resolution. The game’s missions will give you a 50 hour playtime.