Cancelled PS3 exclusive ‘Killing Day’ revived via new trademark filing

Ubisoft has a knack of showing off plenty of new games and concepts for new consoles.

One such game was called Killing Day–shown at E3 2005–but it never made the light of the day and was buried eventually. The game, along with a bunch of other concepts from Sony first-party studios, were cancelled due to the new Sony world wide studios president Shuhei Yoshida’s change of plans.

However, it looks like the game could be revived as Ubisoft has been spotted filing the trademark for the game (via PSLS).

The trademark can be found here and is filed in the category “game software and electronic game programs.”

Could this be one of the games that will coincide the PS4 reveal in May? Or maybe it will be shown at E3 2013? Whatever it is, filing a trademark for the cancelled game suggests that Ubisoft wants to keep the IP to themselves and actually do something with it.

What are your thoughts on this?