Can the Oton X be the next big crowd funding hit?

oton x ui beta

What is the Oton X you ask? To break it down to its simplest form it’s a game system that can make its own games. Sounds crazy right? I recently had a chance to go hands on with the Oton X UI beta and here’s what I’ve learned.

The Oton X runs on Linux, a custom build of Ubuntu OS, and has 2GB of DDR3 SDRAM. The console will feature one HDMI port, 3 USB 2.0 ports and an Ethernet port along with wireless connectivity and 16GB of flash storage.

The Oton X uses a proprietary algorithm to create games on its own. To put it in simple terms it uses this algorithm in conjunction with with preset design parameters to randomly create new games using the assets available from the Oton X’s spirit database full of assets. Currently the Oton X can only make 2D game levels and not full games but with further crowd sourcing efforts more types of games will be added along with full games. The Oton X is also capable of playing Android and open source Linux games that are ported to it.

Developers should be happy with the Oton X because it costs nothing to develop for the system with the only requirement being you have a demo for your game. Developers will be able to keep 100% of all the revenue their game generates. You can even Mod Oton games you play from the Oton network and resell them with your own user created levels characters and power ups.

The Oton X’s UI (User Interface) is very minimalist and simple. Once logged in you are brought to the Oton X home screen where you will find a group of games to choose from. On the right side of the home screen there is arrow button to move to the next page which is where Oton X self creates its games. From there you can choose a game the system made by itself.

From the home screen if you go left you enter the creation section where you can make, mod or co develop your own games. All you need to do is enter some simple info like the name of your game, your game rating, type of game and objective. After that the Oton X will make a game based on the parameters you’ve set. Since this is only a UI demo I wasn’t able to actually make a game or mod anything.

As someone who has always wanted to make my own game but lacks the skills required to do it the Oton X is very appealing to me. The simpleness of making a game is great but game development has never been very easy and until I get the opportunity to actually make something all the way down to the last detail I cant honestly say someone with no experience will be able to make something that truly match’s their vision of the game they want to make. The creation feature beta should be opening up in the weeks to come and ill report back with what I learn about it when it does.

If you would like to sign up for the Oton X public UI beta you can do so at or if you would just like some more info on the Oton X you can visit where you will find a full list of specs and some interesting info.

So how do you think the OtonX will do? Will it be the next big thing for homebrewers or just another Ouya clone with a twist?

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  • gam3r

    If they really did simplify game making this would be a must buy