Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 – “Ghosts” leaked info and gameplay details

Call of Duty 2013 aka Modern Warfare 4 is developed by Infinity Ward is set to have a subtitle called “Ghosts”.

This information was revealed by a YouTube user and a proficient Call of Duty player. He claims to have inside info about the game and his information does make sense but it is unverified as of now.

He said that this is not a mainline Call of Duty game and they are branching it. The reveal will be on May 1st. The game is set in the future and features current gen weapons.

You can repel from a helicopter instead of a normal loading screen. They have also changed player movement. Dash into sliding while shooting mechanic is in. They are also changing the way you prone.

It may may simply be called Call of Duty: Ghosts and will be released only on the next-gen platforms like the PS4 and Xbox 720. There have been plenty of leaks so far on the game but none of them have been proven to be correct but this seems to be somewhat legitimate. However, take it with a pinch of salt.

Check out his video below.


    Check out the MW4 teaser, it might be fake, but it DEFINITLEY matches MODERN WARFARE GHOSTS title. It’s a teaser of someone on a computer that located cpt. Price, and deleted his history of being alive. That definitely ties in with the title Modern Warfare Ghosts!

  • KristiS87

    I didn’t think they re-used maps. First thing i noticed was this was a MW3 map. (Bootleg, i think?)

  • Nahian Winchester

    I don’t understands what the developers think…but it’s an open message to all developers that.we are most of the gamers are PC don’t act like an idiot by releasing a game only on so called next gen platforms……

  • Azrael De’Suarez

    oh so i cant plauy this on the 360 that sucks

  • Marcel

    everyone calm down MW4 will be on the 360 and ps3 i just pre ordered mine in my local gamestop

  • Arslan

    plaese we rall gamers on PC so pc is THe BeSt