Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Features Breakdown: Revolutionary or not?

4. Vaulting

call of duty ghosts vaulting

Another first for Call Of Duty is vaulting. If you’ve ever played battlefield 3 you know what a huge difference this makes in battle. Instead of stopping at a wall and jumping over you will be able to vault over it and keep your momentum afterward.

I cant tell you how many times I have died because Black Ops 2 wouldn’t let me jump a wall on my first try. Now you can run and gun without fear that a 3 foot wall will stop you and get you killed.

5. New Perks System

For Call of Duty: Ghosts the perk system has been revamped to give you the most customization yet.

call of duty ghosts perks

Now every perk has a set number of points from 1 to 5 and you get 8 points to use on them. If you loss your secondary weapon and equipment you can get up to 11 points to use on different perks. This means you could take 8 one point perks with equipment or get rid of the equipment and take 3 two point perks and a 5 point perk. Whatever your style of play is you should be able to find something that suites you.

6. Destructible Environments

Destructible environments is another new feature for Call of Duty. While you might not be able to bring down an entire building what you can do will change the face of the battlefield. Things like buses hanging off edges and dangling elevators can be destroyed opening or closing new paths.

During the multiplayer revel we got to see these in action. Someone camping in a bus dangling off a ledge didn’t know what hit him when his hiding spot suddenly started falling due to a rocket.

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  • Conner Hedrick

    I’d like to see throwing stars, or a spear gun maybe

  • David Rust

    A lot of ppl are gonna hate but if you have out of with duty for this long, I think its worth looking into. I’ve played all of em since cod4 and I must say this one looks really good. The graphics may look the same and the comunity is already bitching but 60fps is still better than 30. The new stuff they added looks to be more of its own game than what mw3 was. I’ll. E buying it and playing it cuz I enjoy it for the most part. I’m still picking up titanfall and bf4 though.