Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Features Breakdown: Revolutionary or not?

call of duty ghosts featured

Call of Duty is one of, if not the biggest franchise in gaming. Its combination of fast paced action and silky smooth frame rate has made Call Of Duty’s online multiplayer a worldwide phenomenon. Now that Call Of Duty: Ghosts online multiplayer features have been reveled let’s take a look at each of them and what they mean to us.

1. Completely Customizable Characters

For the first time in Call Of Duty you will be able to customize not just the loadouts but your actual character. We are talking face, race, gender and clothing. With 20,000 different combinations, gone are the days of basically copy and pasted squad mates and enemies.

call of duty ghosts customization

You will now be able to change the style and color of your clothing meaning if you are a camper and you have a favorite spot you can base your clothing colors on that area to help you blend in more. So campers rejoice, you now have a new weapon to add to your arsenal.

2. 10 Person Squads

Call of Duty has always let you make a ton of different loadouts to take into battle. In Ghosts you won’t be just making loadouts you’ll be making 10 full on squad mates. You get to customize everything from the way they look to what loadouts they carry.

Whatever weapon you chose for your squad mates effects how they act in game meaning if you give 5 guys sniper rifles and 5 guys SMGs, you are gonna have 5 run and gunners and 5 snipers who act like someone with their loadout should.

Even when you are not online playing your squad is. Your squad is always ready to fight and if challenged will fight with or without you. The best part is you still earn XP for the fights that happen when your not around. On top of that each of the 10 people in your squad level up and prestige individually opening up more gear for them as they go.

3. Leaning and Sliding

call of duty ghosts lean

This has been a hot button issue in the Call of Duty community for a while now. People have a lot of different opinions on these new features but that doesn’t matter now because there coming like it or not. The leaning around corners will be interesting. Leaning will help keep you out of sight while still letting you get an idea of whats ahead. On the down side you will have to stop and look a little longer meaning those guys creeping up behind you have a few extra seconds to make their move.

Sliding on the other hand is the complete opposite. Instead of peaking around corners slowly making your way to where your going sliding will let you keep moving around corners fast catching people off guard. We’ve all had those moments where you turn a corner and get a face full of hot lead. With sliding you’ll have a chance to turn the tables on your corner camping friends.

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  1. Conner Hedrick

    August 16, 2013 at 6:01 am

    I’d like to see throwing stars, or a spear gun maybe

  2. David Rust

    August 18, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    A lot of ppl are gonna hate but if you have out of with duty for this long, I think its worth looking into. I’ve played all of em since cod4 and I must say this one looks really good. The graphics may look the same and the comunity is already bitching but 60fps is still better than 30. The new stuff they added looks to be more of its own game than what mw3 was. I’ll. E buying it and playing it cuz I enjoy it for the most part. I’m still picking up titanfall and bf4 though.

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