Call of Duty: Ghosts “Free Fall” Map Skyscraper Screenshots

Call of Duty: Ghosts contains a map that is available to people who pre-order the game from specific retailers. It’s called “Free Fall” and as the name implies, you will do battle inside a collapsing skyscraper.

call of duty black ops 2 free fall 3

We earlier covered all the details about this map and it’s odd why Activision haven’t made it a default map because it really looks interesting. We have some new screenshots of the map and you can see the collapsing skyscraper in action.

These are not in-game screenshots but artworks and they give a good idea of what to expect from the map. The game will be released sometime later this year for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and the next-gen consoles.

The map is said to be dynamic so the gameplay could be affected and players would need to improvise.

Stay tuned to Gamechup for more news and information. Check out the screenshots below.

call of duty black ops 2 free fall 1

call of duty black ops 2 free fall 2

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