Call of Duty: Ghosts features upgraded engine, but isn’t built from scratch

As expected Activision has confirmed that Call of Duty: Ghosts uses an upgraded engine.

The original base is Quake 3 engine, which has underwent numerous changes last gen, and is something that will provide gorgeous graphics next-gen.

Infinity Ward’s animation lead Zach Volker has revealed the engine is significantly upgraded to take advantage of the new tech.

“When we’re talking about a new engine we’re talking about upgrading significant systems within in that engine. We’re not talking about throwing it all away and saying we’re starting from the ground up,” he told OXM.

He also said that it would be “impossible to develop a new engine from the ground up in a two year cycle.”

He added, “What we do is we say, ‘okay what are the things that are significant and that we would say that are encompassing of the engine or its visual quality? Are those being upgraded in a significant way? Alright, then I think that warrants that we’ve got a new engine on our hands.”

The game will be released on November 9th for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and next-gen platforms. You can check out the footage here.

  • Dalinkwent

    Sorry, a slightly refined engine isn’t going to cut it.