Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Prestige Glitch uncovered, Treyarch threatens ban

Treyarch have warned people that those who use the prestige glitch in Black Ops 2 multiplayer will be facing the banhammer.

They have released a set of rules for the game, and using this glitch is in direct violation of that rule. So you have been warned. I know you are probably interested in known what this glitch is about and how to do it, well, the second part is something that you can probably find on your own.

“Any user who runs a modified version of game code or uses a modified game profile is subject to penalty.”

The glitch requires you to watch CoD TV repeatedly and in some time you end up getting a lot of experience, propelling you to level 10 prestige.

Doing so offers no benefit, and you won’t really impress people online, because they can easily come to know by seeing your playing style. However, there aren’t many people who have legitimately acquired it, and you know how competitive such games can get online, and how much people play Call of Duty games.

Treyarch took to Twitter and warned people who are thinking about using this glitch:

Noticed a few “level 10″ guys ruining the party for everyone…enjoy your new rank while it lasts. Solution (and demotions) incoming. FYI…in the short term, Edited Films and Emblems will be unavailable. Back online as soon as possible.”

 There’s simply no point in doing this glitch as it will just end up getting you banned, but if you have a lot of money and free time to waste, then it’s your choice.