Bungie wants gamers to be careful of Day 1 Destiny Reviews

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Destiny is a major game from Bungie and Activision and it releases in less than 10 hours for most people. Since it’s a live MMO, Bungie has warned gamers to be wary of day 1 reviews because it is not possible to judge the game in less than 24 hours.

They want reviewers to play the game for a long time and then publish their reviews. Most review copies were sent 1 day ahead of the release date.

“It’s a bit of a risk, too. We fully anticipate seeing day one reviews from folks who decide to kick the tires, but don’t have the time or patience to take our ride for a nice, long road trip,” Bungie wrote on their site.

“Some of you might wait to pick up a copy until you read the final verdict from your most trusted review house. We’re okay with that. We’ve created something we’re proud of.

“From the beginning, we set out to make Destiny feel like more than bits on a drive. We wanted to build a place for players to visit – a place filled with luminous life. Without a vibrant population for the last safe city on Earth, and Guardians roaming the wild frontiers, Destiny is a shadow of what it should be. That’s not how we wanted to submit for review.

“We explored several options to populate the world for reviewers. Our team estimates it would take thousands of gamers to ensure each potential public space in Destiny would be populated – that every activity would be accessible at all hours of the day and night. Where on Earth would we be able to find thousands of gamers?

“So, reviews of Destiny will wait for your arrival. On day one, you’ll be rubbing elbows with the pageant judges, so look sharp. Who knows, you may end up on one of their live streams. They may end up on one of yours, too!”

The game comes out on September 9th for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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