Bungie Increases Destiny Vault Space, Finally Listens to Players

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Bungie, in their weekly update, have revealed that they will be increasing the vault space which means you can store more items in the vault now.

Earlier you could store upto 20 weapons and now it has been bumped to 36. You can also store more armor in the vault now and it has been bumped to 24.

Here’s what UI engineering lead Brad Field had to say about this. It was actually the last-gen versions creating the bottleneck.

“In the case of the Vault expansion, it became clear that we would be pushing very limited memory constraints on older generation hardware. We had a choice: leave the Vault as-is, or find some kind of compromise to enable it safely,” he said.

“For example, 21% of players who are level 30+ have four or fewer free spaces in their weapon Vaults right now. The armor and general sections are slightly less full for most people, but not by much.

“Even at lower levels, there’s a small but measurable fraction of players under level 20 who have full Vaults. You could charitably think of them as ‘collectors’ or uncharitably label them as ‘packrats,’ but some people just flat out like holding onto their stuff.”

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