Bungie has fixed the Iron Banner event, Level 30 Gear Can Be Purchased

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If you were wondering what’s the point of Iron Banner if you are rocking raid gear, well, you can now buy level 30 chest and gloves from Saladin. This is useful for people who’ve been unlucky with the game’s RNG.

You would still need raid boots though, otherwise people wouldn’t do raids to reach level 30.

Your gear also counts a lot more now compared to the last time Iron Banner went live, and there needs to be a level 20 fireteam leader; under level 20 players cannot join the event without a level 20 and above player as a leader of their fireteam.

“The goal for Level Advantages in PVP had been to create relatively small advantages that would suffice only to tilt the balance between players of equal skill towards the player of greater achievement, expressed in terms of his gear,” Deej revealed. “But we now believe we have been too conservative, and that small tilts failed to meet anyone’s expectations.

“In the next Iron Banner, we will debut a much more dramatic difference between players of wide variation in Level. Because of this, the next Iron Banner will also require a Fireteam leader to be Level 20 to enter. While lower Level players may join in with their Level 20+ chaperone, they will find it very challenging.”

Bungie has also fixed the issue of players quitting upon anticipating a loss. Players who stick to the game will be given a medallion which will convert into Iron Banner reputation the next time they play.

The full changes can be found on Bungie’s site. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.