Bungie Has Destroyed The Destiny Brand Through Sheer Incompetence

Destiny fanbase or what’s left of it thinks that Destiny 1 is the sequel to Destiny 2. Now just think about that a little bit. How’s that even possible? Can a prequel have more features and polish than the sequel?

Apparently yes, because that’s what Bungie has done by releasing Destiny 2. We all know of fans who yearn for the first game after the sequel comes out but this is not like that. Destiny 1 is objectively better than Destiny 2.

So what happened? After an unbelievably horrible DLC for Destiny 2, the game is most likely dead now with player participating rates hitting rock bottom.

Destiny 1 did not get glowing reviews but it had millions of players playing the game because not only were Bungie improving the game and listening to player feedback, Destiny 1 was genuinely fun to play with friends. With Destiny 2, not only did they dump all the lessons they have learned but created something that caters to casuals nor to the hardcore fanbase.

Bungie is one of the most incompetent developers we have ever seen since video games were a thing. That sounds like hyperbole but it’s really not. Not only are they driving the Destiny franchise into the ground but they are also trying to pick off the pockets of their loyal fans using microtransactions while they are at it.

They have no goddamn idea of what they are doing. All they had to do was build upon what they had delivered with the exception Destiny 1: The Taken King expansion. Instead of that, they made something to cater to a casual audience and impress the critics. And they proceeded to achieve neither.

It remains to be seen if the hardcore fans will be back for Destiny 3 but considering other games like PUBG have been proving to be more fun, it sounds pretty unlikely.

Do people even play Trials on Destiny 2 anymore? It has barely around 100k players and Destiny 1 had around 145k when Destiny 2 came out.

Bungie should scrap the franchise and make something else now if Activision even allows them to.