Bungie explains the differences between Destiny and Halo

destiny featured

Bungie has released a statement saying Destiny is a very different game from Halo, after reports of people comparing the game’s enemies to the Covenants–the enemies of Halo.

In its latest Mailsack feature which was put up on the Bungie website, they explained that the enemies in Destiny are as varied as the enemies in Halo.

“Take the Fallen, for example. When people saw them at E3, they were all too quick to compare them to the Elites you fought in Halo. In truth, the Fallen are as varied and diverse as the Covenant as a whole,” the developed revealed.

“Check out the demo again, and see how many varieties you can spot. Some of the smaller targets, like the Shanks and Dregs, will draw your fire.

“The larger crews, the ones that include Vandals or Captains, will have you wishing you brought that Fireteam. And let’s not forget about those moments when we’ll drop something as big as a Devil Walker in your path.”

Coming from a gigantic brand such as Halo will open up the developer for a lot of scrutiny, but ultimately it’s their work that will stand out eventually and with proper demonstration, most of the doubts can be clarified well.

A demo was shown at Sony’s E3 conference this year and did manage to showcase what the game is all about.

Both the games (a new Halo for Xbox One) are scheduled for a 2014 release.