Bungie Employee Spotted Playing Destiny 2 Test Build – Rumour

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It’s obvious to everyone that Destiny 2 is coming out sometime next year and most of the Bungie team is hard at work on the game. A Bungie employee was spotted playing Destiny 2: Private Test Build on Xbox Live. The status also mentions that he was playing the story mode which had the word “Deimos”.

Now, I am not an expert on Destiny lore but I’m sure the dedicated fanbase can figure out what that means. It’s not uncommon to find developers playing test builds of their unreleased games, but considering Destiny 2 is quite far off from release, this is surely an indicator that the game’s development is progressing well.

Now the picture could be fake as well so that’s why we have tagged this as a rumour, but it doesn’t look like it. Also it’s kinda interesting that they have chosen to use Destiny II instead of Destiny 2.

Here’s the screenshot below that shows developer “Evil Otto” playing the test build. He was on the friends’ list of Redditor ATypicalFruit and the revelation was made by the said user too.


The game has been hugely successful for Bungie and Activision with a lot of player engagement. Destiny 2 might be a huge success and will most likely abandon PS3 and Xbox 360. PC version is not guaranteed.

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