Bungie Apologises for The Destiny Mess, But is it Enough?

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Destiny seems to be under a lot of controversy and ever since the game launched fans have not been happy with some of the decision taken by the game’s developer Bungie.

The game seems to be doing pretty well with 3.2 million concurrent players and obviously this must give some confidence to the publisher.

However, their pricing structure for the upcoming expansion The Taken King seems pretty weird. They’re charging $40 for the base expansion, $60 for the legendary edition which includes all the DLCs and the base game, along with the $80 collector’s edition which contains a few extras like emotes which the regular year 1 players won’t be getting.

This is where the outrage is mostly. Along with a condescending interview from a Bungie developer Luke Smith who thinks Destiny fans are basically cows. He has apologized for that so we will leave it for now.

To fix the problem of CE extras not being available, Bungie are going to be selling it for $20. Now, $20 for a bunch of emotes and other stuff seems ridiculous when they priced the entire DLCs at $20. How did they come at this pricing? Because frankly it is ridiculous.

Now other games can charge a bomb for cosmetic items so, we know that. However, if Bungie really wanted to apologize they would give these items for free or for a minuscule cost. They aren’t doing that so it seems like they only care about how to make a profit.

The community is what made Destiny after the trashing it received from reviews. The community will decide whether the IP has a future or not. Treating them this way will prove to be costly for Bungie. Let’s hope The Taken King has a decent amount of content and Bungie stops disrespecting its fans and get their act together/

  • Green

    Finally someone calls this 20$ apology ridiculous. Forbes mentioned people applauding this apology. Are people that blind that the HoW and DB were 20$? I’m baffled.