Broly Destructive Power Stronger Than God of Destruction

We have some new information on the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie from the Saikyo Jump Editorial office. They hype up Broly by saying that he’s the strongest enemy Goku and co. have ever faced, that means even stronger than Jiren so you can guess his strength.

That’s not all, his destructive power is described as greater than a god of destruction. They also caution readers not to put their hopes on Goku because he could lose.

The movie will be released in Japan this December and in January in the rest of the world. They showcased a new Broly trailer which was all sorts of awesome and it really seems Goku and others have their work cut out for them.

The movie will also showcase the Saiyan race and Freeza force but it doesn’t seem like the story will be drastically different from the first movie.

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