Bohemia Interactive developers’ bail set to 5000 Euros each

Bohemia Interactive developers have been given bail.

People who have been following this incident where two Bohemia developers who were detained last year on charges of espionage, would be pleased to know that the two Arma 3 developers are now free and can go back home.

Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, went to Greece to take images for their upcoming game Arma 3, where they were detained for spying on military bases.

They event wrote a letter from prison telling people that they are fine and they really want to go back home. I guess with this development they can, but 5000 Euros each for Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, is a bit too much, I guess it would be covered by the company they were working for.

Dean Hall, who also works at Bohemia Interactive was ecstatic at this news and tweeted: “Ivan and Martin have been bailed after 128 days! This is the greatest news I could ever receive! Can’t wait to see them.”

“Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras informed Czech PM Petr Nečas over the telephone that the two Czech arrested by Greek police because of supposed photography of military objects on the island of Lemnos have been released,” the official website reads.

“Both can now return back to the Czech Republic. PM Petr Nečas expressed appreciation for the efforts of PM Antonis Samaras and thanked him,” said Petr Nečas’ spokesperson Michal Schuster on Tuesday.”

This news can be termed as extremely positive for both Bohemia and these two developers.