Bloodborne: Gain 12000 Blood Echoes Every 5 Seconds (NG+ Post Patch)

bloodborne 1

Earlier we reported a glitch found by our contributor Kenny Stimmel where you could get 2000 Blood Echoes every 5 seconds, but it gets even better in NG+.

You can either bypass certain boss fights and get to forbidden woods (as shown in the video), or beat Vicar Amelia and get to the Forbidden Woods, it’s entirely upto you. Once you reach the area just follow the instructions given in the video and make sure to have More Blood Echoes rune equipped so that you get the maximum amount of Echoes.

When you reach the dog cages make sure to not trigger the trap on the right side (near the gate). Once you kill all the dogs just get to the clinic using the shortcut and get a ton of Blood Echoes.

This has not been patched and works perfectly. It would be better if you can do this before killing Rom spider so that the dogs don’t come out of their cages.