Bloodborne Alpha Test Selection Emails Going Out

bloodborne alpha test

If you have a platinum in any of the Souls games then you may have probably gotten this email now. Sony has been sending emails for Bloodborne Alpha Test but the requirements for it aren’t clear yet.

People have been getting this email:

Your skill and dedication have been recognised; you have been selected to join the exclusive Bloodborne Alpha Test!

The small-scale test is being conducted in order to gather community feedback and data to improve Bloodborne’s online experience. Click here to learn more about the game.

If you would like to participate in this exciting opportunity to get early access to Bloodborne and a sample of its online features, please complete this exclusive Bloodborne™ Alpha Test enrolment form here.

The Bloodborne Alpha Test is not final. Players may experience bugs and incomplete features that do not represent the final product. Thank you for helping us create a better experience for all fans when the game launches early 2015.

Let us know if you got the email as well. Conducting an alpha test is good news as it shows that Sony and From Software are serious about the online component of the game.

Bloodborne comes out on February 5th exclusively for the PS4.

  • Steve

    Wooo invite

    • Zombatar

      Yep, same here!

  • GUED1

    I receive mine =)

    • Anders


    • Zombatar

      Yep, same here!Yep, same here!

  • sleeper

    I also have my invite :D

  • Sarah

    I have been selected :D ..and yes I have Dark Souls platinum !

    • Zombatar

      Yep, same here!Yep, same here!Yep, same here!Yep, same here!Yep, same here!

  • Masato Indou

    got mine, weird though my psn Dark Souls 2 wasn’t all that successful. I guess it may have been my Steam DS2 the qualified me then

    • Zombatar

      Yep, same here!Yep, same here!Yep, same here!Yep, same here!

  • VVhitesnake

    Any1 got the invite without the platinum trophies ) ?

    • Zombatar

      Yep, same here!Yep, same here!Yep, same here!