Blacklight: Retribution PS4 version to be shown at Gamescom

blacklight retribution featured

Zombie Studios have announced that the PS4 version of Blacklight: Retribution will be shown at Gamescom this year. The studio earned the console rights to bring the game to the PS4 in March this year.

Gamescom begins on August 21st and ends on August 23rd. The complete timings for Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft and EA conference are listed here. The game will be shown at the Sony booth as well.

It’s a fast paced shooter and currently has 2 million players on the PC. We will keep you updated once we hear more on this.

  • Brown Mont

    I can’t wait to play blacklight retribution on the PS4. I wonder if it will be like the pc version with a few mods for the Playstation 4.