BioWare’s Patrick Weekes says they aren’t Competing with CD Projekt Red

The Witcher 3 12

Dragon Age and The Witcher are massive brands and being in the same WRPG space, there’s obviously a competition brewing among them for supremacy, but BioWare’s Patrick Weekes says it isn’t anything like that.

“I think ‘compete’ is the wrong word. I think there’s a story that people want to tell, where the video game companies hate each other and ‘our game is going to crush theirs.’ And that’s really not true,” he revealed at a PAX Australia panel.

“I came to BioWare because I love games. And I hope that the next Witcher game is fantastic and I hope that ours is fantastic, and I hope that people buy both and play both.”

“Every time another great game comes out, and raises the bar, that’s not threatening; it’s only threatening if we don’t think we can ever do anything better,” he added. “So we look at something and go ‘that’s a fantastic game. How am I going to incorporate that awesome thing and do it in a BioWare fashion?'”

Their major competition is their previous games and that’s absolutely right considering Baldur’s Gate and other their IPs are widely regarded as the best games ever made.

Dragon Age 3 definitely looks ambitious as it features more exploration like Skyrim. Earlier Blair Brown from BioWare had revealed that they weren’t afraid of Dark Souls 2 or The Witcher 3.

Both the games will be out next year and look absolutely stunning.

Thanks, Gamespot.

  • Magilla187

    i love when game Devs can acknowledge someone else’s game as being great, i just wish fanboys were more like this