BioWare confirms Dragon Age Inquisition Resolution on PS4 (1080p)

dragon age inquisition featured

The Xbox One version of Dragon Age Inquisition will run at 900p, BioWare has confirmed. Meanwhile, the PS4 resolution will be 1080p and according to the developer, they have maximised the potential of each hardware.

This became an issue recently when Ubisoft locked both versions to 900p in the name of parity. PS4 users started the #PS4noparity movement and flooded Ubisoft with their grievances which resulted in them giving out this statement.

“Confirmed: #DAI resolution is 1080p on PS4, and 900p on Xbox One. We maximized the current potential of each platform,” the official Dragon Age Twitter account tweeted.

It seems developers don’t want to get on the bad side of PS4 owners because PS4 is the best selling platform out there, and in a way this bodes well for future games as well.

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