Bioshock Infinite religious content gets highly altered, game about patriotism

Ken Levine, boss of Irrational Games, has said that the religious content in Bioshock Infinite has been “highly altered”.

It’s due to feedback from various sources that resulted in him changing the game a little bit even though he was earlier saying that he will not be doing any cuts to the game.

“I had some very valuable conversations. One of the characters in the game was highly altered based upon some very interesting conversations I had with people on the team who came from a very religious background, and I was able to understand they were kind of upset about something,” he said.

“What I said to them was, ‘I’m not going to change anything to get your approval, but I think I understand what you’re saying and I think I can do something that’s going to make the story better, based on what you said.

“So I did that, and I’m grateful for them bringing in their perspective. The last thing I wanted to do was change something because it offends somebody, but the thing they pointed out was making it a lesser story.”

He also revealed what the game’s about and the core focus does not include much religious themes.

“I think people first saw it and thought it was a game about the tea party in America, then they saw it as a game about the labourer movement. Now people are going to think it’s a game about religion. It’s about patriotism, it’s about all those things but I think we keep larger meanings a little closer to our vest.”

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Via OPM.

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