Bioshock Infinite PS3/360 box art revealed, features DeWitt with a gun

Irrational Games have released the box art for Bioshock Infinite.

The game, scheduled to launch next year, promises to be a spectaular achievement over the first Bioshock. It won a lot of awards at E3 2011 and while the studio lost some key staff, they have also managed to hire a bunch of new people, namely Rod Fergusson of Epic Games.

Rod left a few months ago to Irrational Games and having someone like him on the team should be great for Ken Levine and his ambitious plans. We have the box art for the PS3 and Xbox 360 version for you below, and as you noticed on the PS3 box art, the original Bioshock will be free.

Bioshock came out in 2007 and went on to win plenty of game of the year awards from various publications. Hopefully the PS3 version is lot more optimized than the one they released earlier, but I doubt it.

Bioshock Infinite will not have a multiplayer mode as confirmed by Ken Levine himself, and that’s a good thing since they can concentrate on the single-player, which incidentally also is the USP of the franchise.

Check out the box arts below. Update: We also have the PC version of the box art.

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    This is a shit cover :(