Bethesda will be at E3 2016, TES VI announcement?

Bethesda E3 2016

Bethesda has announced that they will be at E3 2016 this year. They had a successful first E3 press conference last year where they announced Fallout 4 along with showing more information on Doom.

They could be announcing a new The Elder Scrolls game but that doesn’t seem too likely as Fallout 4 came out last year and maybe the game needs more time. Whatever it is, considering the incredible sales of Skyrim, a new TES game should be in development at Bethesda.

Their conference will be held on June 12, 2016 at 7.00PM. Looking forward to watching Tim Howard give another spectacular presentation if TES is announced, otherwise there could be a Dishonored 2 announcement along with Fallout 4 DLCs as well.

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