Bethesda explains how 8GB RAM benefits their games

fallout 4

Bethesda’s Todd Howard has explained how 8GB RAM is beneficial to their games and how it allows them to do things on consoles that they only wanted to do on PCs before. While he did not answer any questions about their next project in an interview with Gamestar, he did hint that there will be no loading screens in their next game.

“Yes. With the new systems, the main thing they really have,  processing power mostly drives graphics, but the amount of memory makes a huge difference for the kinds of games that we make. So now that we’re getting into 8GB and so fourth, we doing things we really only wanna do on the PC,” he said.

“Think about how we store and stream our games. We can just think about a lot more stuff at once, like characters across the world, even if their not on the screen. In Skyrim, it’s clear we haven’t loaded the buildings. If we have enough memory, it’s already loaded when you’re near. We can have the sounds from the inside come out.”

Bethesda’s Pete Hines recently revealed on Twitter that people won’t be hearing about their next project for a long time.

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