20 Best Video Game Title Themes of This Generation

19. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

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  • Red Flame Fox

    Where’s Ratchet & Clank ?
    Where’s SuperSonic Rocket powered battle-cars ?
    This list isn’t good.

  • McGygas

    This list lacks of GTA IV main theme.
    and well. sonic 06 is shit, but the main theme “in his world” by zebrahead is pretty awesome.

  • WhiteWeather

    FFXIV ARR should be First place.. <– World renowned orchestras cover their music.
    Games that have the best music in them; Again, FFXIV ARR is First place.

  • Brian

    I still can’t believe Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack won over Ni No Kuni’s OST! Like wtf….