Best Thing About Next-Gen: Stunning List of Open World Games

The PS4 and Xbox One are about to be released and many publishers have announced tons of games for them. And the cool thing is that most of them are open world games.

mirror's edge 2 main featured

Most open world games on current gen hardware were limited in a lot of ways and invisible walls, debris blocking your path, and buckets of recycled data, was something that really dragged them down, but we did see some amazing games such as GTA 4, Red Dead Redemption, Just Cause 2 and the likes.

What about next-gen then? Will it result in better open world games? You bet. Publishers have gone crazy revealing so many open world games that we may actually see a lot less linear cinematic driven experiences. Imagine a Naughty Dog game on next-gen hardware; a combination of attention to detail and vast amount of land to explore would be just the thing that would set your imagination on fire.

There have been many splendid games announced so far, and here’s a list of them. (You can navigate using previous and next buttons)

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

This was undoubtedly the game of the show. Not only do you get a vast amount of land to explore but there are so many gameplay possibilities when it comes stealth, vehicles and a lot more. This seems to be the best Metal Gear game yet.

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    Dragon Age Inquisition. Can’t wait for next-gen GoG action.

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    Good, the less linear games there are the better. I love seeing all these open world games, they offer so much more replay value than the linear games can.

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    OMG! Mirror’s Edge 2 finally announced !!!
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