Battlefield V’s New Gameplay Video Shows Ground Operations Mode

Battlefield V had a underwhelming reveal with a teaser trailer showing absolutely nothing other than some scripted sequences. DICE, the developers of the game, mentioned that more information will be available at E3.

Well, the video turned out to be underwhelming again but we have YouTube players to the rescue. There’s a new mode called Ground Operations which will last around 3 to 4 days in-game time.

Each day will have certain objectives for players to complete. On the third day if there’s no clear winner the game will go on to the fourth day with each player having just one life and limited ammunition to survive.

The mode will have 64 players fighting each other. The graphics look pretty decent but it doesn’t really look like World War 2 for some reason. Let’s hope there are more maps. Earlier DICE addressed a controversy where the reveal video had a massive number of dislikes.

Check out the ground operations mode gameplay below.