Battlefield Hardline to feature 7 game modes and 9 maps, no Rush

battlefield hardline

Rush is a popular gamemode which has been a staple of Battlefield series. However, the latest entry in the series–Battlefield Hardline–won’t feature the gamemode initially and DICE are planning to add it to the game eventually.

There will be 7 gamemodes at launch along with 9 maps, which is pretty decent. Battlefield Hardline doesn’t feature signficant improvements over Battlefield 4 but it should keep fans busy as DICE churns out the next mainline Battlefield game, maybe next year.

The game was delayed from a late 2014 launch and will release on March 31st. Whether it was done for additional polishing or to move away from the crowded release window remains to be seen.

It’s unclear whether EA will launch 2 Battlefield games next year but it looks likely.

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