Battlefield 4 screenshots are here, game runs on Frostbite 3

First screenshots of Battlefield 4 have surfaced and we’re unclear whether it’s the PS4 and Xbox 720 version.

It also could be running on PC as the visual detail on offer is great. DICE will be releasing a new trailer for the game at GDC and if you remember the one they put out for Battlefield 3, it probably won’t tell us a lot.

These screenshots could be in-game ones but we doubt it. It is the only game right now which runs on the new Frostbite 3 engine, and it could be the next-gen engine of the studio.

This is certainly surprising because Frostbite 2 was supposed to be the jack of all trades, but maybe they made so many optimisations that calling it the next version was suitable.

You can see how much detail is on the guy in the first screenshot and the light shafts that comes in through the window.

Check out the screenshots below.

 Battlefield 4 screenshot 2

Battlefield 4 screenshot 1

Battlefield 4 screenshot

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