Battlefield 4 PS4 vs Xbox One footage, resolution revealed

Battlefield 4 runs at 900p on the PS4 and at 720p on the Xbox One. However, there isn’t a lot of difference between the two versions and both seem solid and run at 60fps.

Check out the video below:

  • O Ye


  • Random kid

    Xbox one ftw i think it looks better with more depth in coluors and looks better

    • X99x

      Typical Xbot…You guys are bloody hilarious..BF4 runs at a jaggy 720p on XONE meanwhile it runs at a pretty sharp 900p on the PS4 and it clearly looks better than XONE in comparison..but hey Xbots will be Xbots…even if the BF4 ran at 240p on XONE and 1080p on PS4,XBots will still say that their version is better..

      • No Thanks

        You sound pretty upset guy.

  • Anderson Estanislau

    xbox one melhor !