Battlefield 4 officially confirmed, unveil at GDC

EA and DICE have confirmed–after a lot of rumours hit the Internet–that Battlefield 4 will be shown soon.

The game will be announced officially at GDC and we may get a teaser trailer for the game along with key information.

Battlefield 3’s multiplayer was the thing that stood out with the campaign being blasted by critics and they have a chance to create a good campaign this time round with Battlefield 4.

It runs on the Frostbite 2 engine and could be announced for the next gen platforms as well. It also looks like a 2013 game and should be released before the holidays.

They have used the same font as the previous game for the title and the lighting in the image does give a similar vibe as well. GDC starts on March 26 and we will update you once we find more information on the game.

Here’s the invitation image that has been doing the rounds.

battlefield 4 invitation