Battlefield 4 Guide – Here’s a Full List of Specialisations

battlefield 4 classes

There are a lot of specialsations in Battlefield 4 and we have the complete list for them. DICE have revealed that they are still in the Alpha stage so the names, designs and fine-tuning can change.

You can check it out below along with in-game effect of each specialisation:

  1. SPRINT – Increases maximum sprint speed
  2. AMMO – Increases maximum inventory of bullets
  3. C4 EXPLOSIVES – Increases maximum inventory of C4 explosives
  4. COVER – Decreases amount of incoming suppression
  5. SUPPRESSION – Increases the amount of outgoing suppression
  6. FLAK – Decreases explosion damage
  7. GRENADES – Increases maximum inventory of hand grenades
  8. (NEW) ROCKETS – Increases maximum inventory of AT (anti-tank) and AA (anti-air) ammo
  9. (NEW) MINES – Increases maximum inventory of AT Mines or M2 SLAM
  10. (NEW) STEALTH – Player is undetected by Motion Sensors except when sprinting
  11. (NEW) HOLD BREATH – Increases time you can Steady your scope
  12. (NEW) FAST REPAIR – Increases speed and sabotage of Repairs
  13. (NEW) DEFIB UPGRADE – Increases charge up speed of the defibrillators
  14. (NEW) 40mm GRENADES – Increases maximum inventory of 40mm grenades
  15. (NEW) ADVANCED SPOT – Increases time your targets are Spotted
  16. (NEW) MEDKITS UPGRADE – Increases maximum deployed medic bags and packs
  17. (NEW) MOTION SENSORS UPGRADE – Increases the maximum inventory of Motion Sensors. Increases the range of T-UGS and MAV
  18. (NEW) MORE DEPLOYED EXPLOSIVES – Increases maximum deployed Explosives
  19. (NEW) AMMO BAG UPGRADE – increases maximum deployed ammo boxes and packs
  20. (NEW) ARMOUR – Reduces incoming damage to the chest
  21. (NEW) QUICK UNSPOT – Reduces time you are spotted
  22. (NEW) MEDICAL UNIT – Occupied vehicles will slowly heal nearby soldiers
  23. (NEW) SUPPLY UNIT – Occupied vehicles will slowly resupply nearby soldiers
  24. (NEW) REPAIR UNIT – Occupied vehicles will slowly repair nearby vehicles
  25. (NEW) REDUCED FALL – Increases height you can fall without damage
  26. (NEW) QUICK REGEN – Decreases time before out of combat heal
  27. (NEW) MP-APS UPGRADE – Longer uptime on MP APS
  28. (NEW) INDIRECT FIRE UPGRADE – Increases maximum M224 ammo. Increases maximum XM25 magazines
  29. (NEW) CLAYMORES – Increases the maximum inventory of claymores

The game comes out on October 29th for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The next-gen versions have been announced but no release date is set yet.

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    This is amazing Can’t wait to see what they show off at Gamescom next week, im very excited