Battlefield 4 – Final Stand Takes you Back to the Future

battlefield 4 final stand

Battlefield players always wanted DICE to return to a future setting and memories of BF2142 are still strong. Battlefield 4’s final DLC called Final Stand will take you back to the future, DICE has hinted.

Now the image that was shown on their twitter account shows a soldier with a futuristic weapon and in a snowy location. Reminds me a lot of BF 2142. DICE also posed the question, “Spark any memories?”, which makes me feel like this DLC will contain remastered maps from BF 2142.

That would be pretty sweet but nothing can be speculated at this point since the teaser is very vague. The DLC will be released next month and will include four new maps, new weapons and vehicles.

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  1. Persian Scientist.

    September 21, 2014 at 3:41 am

    DLC?? Pathetic Paying more for the goods. EA I am disgusted.

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