Battlefield 4 details: 64 player maps, Frostbite 2 enhanced, PS4 and Xbox 720 support

We have a new Battlefield 4 rumour which gives us a lot of new information on the game.

The maps are said to be larger than the ones in Battlefield 3. There are three factions in the game, namely: US, Russia, and a third eastern faction which we think could be China.

The game has more squad features and is coming out on next gen consoles too. It is said to be an evolution of the series and people won’t notice a massive change from Battlefield 3.

It will ship with a lot more game modes and close quarter infantry maps. It is said that the engine Frostbite 2 is being pushed further and players can expect better effects, high res textures with game worlds packed with details.

There is single-player mode and co-op and the game will be penned by new writers which increases the chance of the single-player mode being decent but don’t count on it.

Weapons and guns from Battlefield 3 is said to return and with the same amount of maps, some set aside for DLC which is already said to be in planning stages.

The game will be unveiled at GDC this month and a new teaser is said to be shown.

Via BF4central.

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  1. Noah Mazzola

    March 29, 2013 at 3:29 am

    I never thought the single player mode was bad. I don’t know why its given so much shit. At least its not as linear, fixed, and over the top as cod. Oh and bf4 is frostbite 3.

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