Battlefield 4: Complete list of Weapons and Gadgets Revealed

Battlefield 4 weapons and gadgets are quite impressive after this list we have uncovered.

Battlefield 4 screenshot 1

The game is set to release on October 29th for the current and next-gen consoles. It runs on the Frostbite 3 engine and DICE have revealed some details on the engine as well.

The weapons may be familiar to people who have played Battlefield 3 and there are some new ones as well. Same goes for the gadgets and there are some great ones here.

The weapons and gadgets have been sourced via various videos and leaked images and they are mostly accurate. There may be some missing but a Redditor Joltthecoat has done a great job in compiling them all.

Check them out below.


Assault Rifles(Assault Kit)

  • QBZ-95 (Type 95) – Source: Leaked Alpha Images
  • CZ-805 (BREN) – Source: E3 Gameplay
  • AK-12 – Source: E3 Gameplay

PDWs(Engineer Kit)

  • P90 – Source: E3 Gameplay
  • CZ-3A1 (Scorpion Evo) – Source: E3 Gameplay
  • UMP-45 – Source: Alpha Files Leak
  • Mx4 Storm – Source: Leaked Alpha Dogtags

LMGs(Support Kit)

  • Ultimax-100 MK5 – Source: E3 Gameplay
  • Type 88 – Source: Multiplayer Trailer
  • M249 – Source: Alpha Files Leak

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles(Recon Kit)

  • Scout Elite – Source: E3 Gameplay
  • SV-98 – Source: Leaked Alpha Images
  • M40A5 – Source: Alpha Files Leak
  • CS-LR4 – Source: Leaked Alpha Dogtags

Pistols(All Kits)

  • M9 – Source: Multiplayer Trailer
  • QSZ-92 – Source: Multiplayer Trailer
  • P226 – Source: Leaked Alpha Dogtags

Shotguns(All Kits)

  • Hawk 12G – Source: E3 Gameplay
  • Remington 870 – Source: Alpha Files Leak

Carbines(All Kits)

  • AK-5C – Source: E3 Gameplay

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles(All Kits)

  • RFB – Source: E3 Gameplay
  • QBU-88 – Source: Leaked Alpha Images

Melee Weapons(All Kits)

  • M9 Bayonet(Hand-held only) – Source: E3 Gameplay
  • Shank – Supposedly has its own stabbing animation – Source: E3 Gameplay

Grenades(All Kits)

  • M67 Frag – Source: E3 Gameplay
  • M84 Flashbang – Source: E3 Gameplay
  • M34 Incendiary – Source: E3 Gameplay

Battle Pick-ups(All kits, found on map)

  • M82(Found at Point C) – Source: Alpha Files Leak
  • M32 MGL(Found at Point B) – Source: Alpha Files Leak

Gadgets can be found on the next page.

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